Skate Sharpening Services

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Skate Sharpening Services

On The Edge Skate Sharpening Services

With 24 years of experience in skate sharpening, skate profiling and skate repairs.  Our skate maintenance services are the best in the region.  Done professionally, done on time and done right.  We have one master skate sharpener, Jill Konarowski, who has over 24 years experience in the industry.  Jill also personally trained and tested all "On The EDGE" employees.

We have 2 Pro Shop locations in the Durham and Clarington area:

Location #1: South Courtice Arena - Courtice, Ontario

Location #2: Garnet “B” Rickard Arena - Bowmanville, Ontario

Some people may be “concerned” with taking their skates to an arena Pro Shop. Not here.... When bringing your skates to us, you don’t need to have any concerns with this issue. We take the time to make sure that every pair of skates that enters our store has been handled with perfection and leaves with perfection.

At both locations, we are equipped with Blademaster® machines. Blademaster® is the global market leader in skate care equipment and supplies. Blademaster® is the official skate sharpener of Team Canada and Team U.S.A.

With our Blademaster Machines, we use the following:

  • 80 Blended Grit Wheel
  • Dressing Diamonds changed on a regular basis
  • 320 Grit Fine Honing Stones
  • Ultra Smooth Finish (Applied on last pass)
  • Our Own Secret Application (Applied after the blade has been honed. It fills in the pours on the steel)

One of the unique qualities that On The EDGE has, is that we do have the experience to manage your skates. And not to mention that convenience is a huge factor in the busy lifestyle that we all have.

One feature that we offer is our 24 Hour guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our sharpening, bring the skates back to us within 24 hours, and we will re-do your skates for “no charge”. 

Contact us if you have any questions.

**** We now offer flat bottom skate sharpening ***

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Call Us @
905-579-4141 (Courtice & Bowmanville) or  905-440-6424 (Text)

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