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Skate Profiles

Hollow Skate Sharpening

Flat Bottom Skate Sharpening

Skate Profiles

Hollow Skate Sharpening Profile Options

At “On the Edge” skate sharpening services you can customize your conventional hollow profile option based on your individual needs. We suggest a 3/4” profile if you’re looking for improved speed or gliding capabilities and a 5/8” profile if grip is what you’re after. For goalies a 1"-1 and 1/2" hollow is recommended. No matter the level of hockey, every player is different, and we understand this.

Flat Bottom Skate Sharpening

BLADEMASTER have reduced the area between the ‘flat’ portion of the skate blade and the ice. This reduces the build up of ice/snow/water and improves glides. However, they have done so without compromising the strength and integrity of the sharpening edges! 


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